Secret tests of women

Have you ever encountered too much attention from a girl and then suddenly she started ghosting you? Giving you attention like you’re the only one and then she started acting as you never existed. This is the secret tests of women!

Unfortunately, I’ve experienced this more than once times in my life. But later I got to know that she was carrying some tests that I badly lost.

I just got to know about this from one of my female friends on some casual day and found that this is these are the secret way some women tests you. That is first showing concern and then suddenly going cold.

And let me tell you that it is one out of many tests girls throw at boys. They’ll test you most sneakily and if you can’t figure it out then you’ve lost her!

Lastly, she was telling me about how to pass all the tests girls throw at us. The number of tests she told me was tougher than baking for me. I felt like I can climb mount Everest easily than pass these tests.

When this happened to me, I was a little confused, didn’t realize that I’d failed a test.

And I was like “Okay, what next?”

What don’t men understand about women?

Their secret way of talking to us and passing tests.


MEN are from MARS. WOMEN are from VENUS 

  • What makes members of the opposite sex tick?
  • How to know their verbal and non-verbal language?
  • How to drive the opposite sex and get what you need?
  • How to bypass arguments and develop fruitful communication?
  • How to procure points with the opposite sex and amaze your partner?
  • The real emotional needs of the opposite sex and the actions connected with these needs?
  • How to hold love alive and stay together long-term? 


I think this ghosting is sometimes done boys too, and that too quite often. But I agree girls do it like anything. It is like their favorite game, and in the end. These girls treat every guy with the same enthusiasm, showering all their attention and love as if… YoU ArE tHe OnLy OnE!

According to my friend, sometimes girls too fail to understand how actually girls’ minds work.

My suggestion to:

Girls: It is not a cool thing to do

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