Miss Americana

On January 31, Miss Americana – documentary devoted to Taylor Swift was released. As a reminder, the film had been presented at the Sundance Festival a week before and had garnered nothing but praise. So what was it really to take away?

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5 things we learn from this movie

1. In 2009, she thought she had been booed because of Kanye West

Back in 2009, when Kanye West took the mike to tell VMA’s that “Beyoncé had one of the best music videos ever” when Taylor Swift, in her 20s, had just won the trophy. Faced with this intervention, the room booed Kanye West. But Swift thought the audience hooted her, “For someone who’s conditioned to get nothing but applause, an entire room booing is a formative experience.” 

2. “To be on the right side of history”

Miss Americana reconsiders Taylor Swift’s decision to make her political views known – in order to make a difference (this decision was influenced by the lawsuit she won in Tampa, by the way)“I must be on the good side of history”, she will proclaim to her team when she will do with her willingness to invest for the Democrats. 

3. Eating disorders & image

A victim of eating disorders, Taylor Swift explains that she stopped confronting photos of her“There will always be beauty standards that you won’t reach. Because if you are thin enough then you will not have the buttocks that make everyone dream. If you have those buttocks, then your stomach will not be flat enough. It is clearly impossible “. 

4. Fame crumbles

While she has just celebrated her 31st birthday, Taylor Swift is well aware that she may not have much time left in the spotlight“This is probably one of my last opportunities as an artist. to embrace that kind of success. As I turn thirty-one, I will work hard while society still tolerates that I am successful. ” 

5. The composition

Although surrounded, Taylor Swift participates in the writing of all her pieces (when she does not write them entirely). Thus, we are witnessing the composition of ME! with Brendon Urie of the documentary. The singer knows what she wants and above all, where she is going. 

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