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Abhinav Anand, Tisdecemberboy

Something about me

I’m a Graphic Designer and blogger in India. I have got a passion for graphic designing and I love to create new things using various graphic designing tools such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrators, and other adobe software.

What can I do:

Design what you want. I’m a designer, so I know how to create something that is in your mind! My first goal is your satisfaction.

I can help.

I’m currently available for freelance works. If you have a project that you want to get started and you need some help, then get in touch (I prefer Twitter for personal chat). Currently, I’m providing my service on Fiverr Market place with 100% satisfied clients so far.

My Recent Works 

embarassed Art means the world to me embarassed

My YouTube  

embarassed Let’s explore the magic of Photoshop embarassed

My Blog 

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstine

Quick Summary: The book is focused on providing practical tools and techniques for living a more fulfilling life by connecting with the universe and trusting in its support. Surrendering is a key message in the book. By letting go of our need to control everything and...

What is Mindset: How to change it

What is Mindset: How to change it

  Mindset: How to change it positivelyI asked my cousin to go to our untidy storeroom filled with a lot of stuff and bring cello tape. He went through all the items, searched the entire room for nearly 30 mins and finally brought it to me. When he gave the cello...

Watch Folklore: Long Pond Studio Session full movie

Watch Folklore: Long Pond Studio Session full movie

Folklore: The Long Pond Studio SessionThe live performance " folklore: The Long Pond Studio Session " directed by Taylor Swift herself was released on Friday, December 4th at Disney's official video distribution service. This was is a live performance directed and...


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